8 top tips to score an exemption in CA IPCC Audit

8 top tips to score an exemption in CA IPCC Audit

8 top tips to score an exemption in CA IPCC Audit

Audit is a subject which everyone assumes as a theoretical subject but in reality it is more of a practical approach. In this article, we have made efforts to help student’s clear CA IPCC Audit exam easily and even score an exemption.

What techniques? What strategies are required? How to prepare timetable before the exam? What to revise before the exam and what not to?

List of tips to score an exemption in CA IPCC Audit is provided below.

#1 Practice Manual

Practice Manual is your Bible. If you depend upon any other author’s book, you are definitely going to fail or scoreless marks. I, myself committed the same blunder by reading any other author’s book. ICAI wants us to prepare from Institute material not from any other author.

#2 Technical words/Keywords

Keywords are the key to ace any theoretical exam. Everyone can write vouching/verification answers in their own words and in simple language. However, ICAI wants us to write technical language in Audit.

Audit is going to be our domain area after becoming Chartered Accountants. Auditors are bound to write reports using technical language not simple language.

#3 Standards on Auditing (SA’s)

Every answer that requires Standards on audit (SA’s) must begin with that. Students must make a list of Standards of Auditing and learn their whole names. For instance: SA 505 is External Confirmation. About 40-60 marks paper comes from Standard on Auditing only as the root of Audit lies in the standards only.

#4 Company Audit Part 1/Part 2

When 10-15 marks are compulsory from Company Audit, than why not whole heartedly learn Company Audit (Part1/Part2). For example: There are numerous questions asked about Rotation of Auditors.

#5 Special Audit/Government Audit

If it is expected that ICAI will surely is going to ask question regarding Special Audit for about 4 to 8 marks, than students must revise it at the earliest. The size of the topic is small as compared to others.

#6 Vouching/Verification

How to present answers in Vouching/Verification?

  1. Always write in points, the point should be of maximum two lines only.
  2. The points should be practical not just baseless creation of words.
  3. Underline the keywords in your answer.
  4. You must read ICAI suggested answers of vouching and verification in previous exams.
  5. You can refer to Standards of Auditing, Accounting Standards as well.
  6. The minimum points should be 6 and maximum 8.

#7 Correct/Incorrect

This is the most scoring area but students score very less marks here because they don’t know to present the answer. How to present answers in correct/incorrect type questions?

First write either ‘Correct’ or ‘Incorrect’

Then leave a line.

Than write the reason. Don’t make it a long paragraph answer.

#8 YouTube Videos

There are many revisionary videos available on the internet of Neeraj Arora and many students have got benefitted from his revisionary videos. Do watch them.

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