Top tips to score an exemption in CA IPCC Law exam

Top tips to score an exemption in CA IPCC Law exam

Top tips to score an exemption in CA IPCC Law exam

In this article, we have made an effort for our readers to understand how to prepare for CA IPCC Law exam? What strategy is required in this exam? I have also appeared for the exam and have secured 62 Marks after attempting for 86 Marks. Even I didn’t complete the whole syllabus. So, guys I am going to share with you all my techniques that I used to score an exemption in CA Law exam.

First we have to break down the Law exam into two parts. CA IPCC law exam consist of mostly two types of questions.

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#1 Case Study Based Questions and Answers

When you have to attempt case study based questions, we have to prove something or conclude whether this particular thing is possible or not. To prove something you need relevant facts and evidences. But how you are going to present this facts and evidences than later on conclude that matters a lot.

I have seen students writing these case study based answers in one paragraph making it appear too shabby or confusing. So guys we are going to learn about how to present these answers.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: The first line of you answer should be “According to Section ____ of this act“ even you don’t know the section, just simply write “According to this act”.

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Step 2: Begin with “As per Aforementioned provisions” or “Provided that” and now explain the provisions in short, don’t be too lengthy.

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Step 3: Start with “In the instant case” or quite simple “In the particular case”. Now try to connect the provisions with the situation of that case.

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Step 4: Conclude the answer

Without conclusion, a case study based answer is incomplete. If your conclusion incorrect or not up the mark, you will definitely loose marks.

#2 Normal Questions and Answers

The normal questions and answers consist of those questions that require direct answers. But ICAI expects that headings of this type of answers should be exact as per ICAI material.

Ethics and Communication

Ethics and Communication is scoring area in CA IPCC law exam. Always start your preparation with Ethics and Communication and revise them thoroughly.  You need to target ethics and Communication to secure an exemption.

Preparation material

  1. Study Material
  2. Practice Manual ( Extremely Important)
  3. Munish Bhandari Handbook
  4. RTP

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