7 top tips to score an exemption in CA-IPCC ITSM

7 top tips to score an exemption in CA-IPCC ITSM

7 top tips to score an exemption in CA IPCC ITSM

Many of us who have attempted CA Exams are astonished to see our results in ITSM and ISCA. Most of the students are not able to crack IPCC Group 2 because of Information Technology and Strategic Management paper. So guys, today I am going to share with you all the strategies that I used to score marks in ITSM exam. The fist thing i want to tell you guys is to ‘Trust yourself’ that you can do it. If people say exam is difficult, that in not your concern, this is theirs concern. So moving forward to tips.

#1 Presentation

How we are presenting in CA/CS/CMA exam that matters a lot and mostly in theory exams. Many students try to attempt two questions in a same page and they end up creating mess in answer sheets. There is no need to draw borders, page margins rather only underlining the keywords would be enough.

#2 Study Material/Practice Manual

When   I used to reach my examination centre, I used to see students studying from different author’s material. They end up failing the exam, the reason is quite simple, and ICAI expects us to read only Study Material/Practice Manual. Although, reference books can be used for understanding. The problem with reference books is they are written in easy understandable language and that kind of language in not accepted by examiner. So please my dear friends don’t read them before the exam. You will not score good marks.

Focus on common topics like Total quality management, Six sigma and Business process reengineering. They are going to come definitely in IT or SM. Don’t miss them at any cost.

#3  Charts

charts in ca ipcc itsm

Suppose the question comes, Explain Porter Five Forces Model? You will start writing that answer in Paragraphs. But why can’t you make a chart before writing answer in paragraphs. Make chart in every question, i remember i made chart in every Information technology question.

BONUS TIP: Don’t Change heading of these types of answers. You will lose all the marks.

#4 Tabular form or Paragraph form

Suppose the question comes, Difference between Inbound Logistics and Outbound Logistics?   Now, some people say we need to write in Tabular form to gain more marks.

Correct way: The way answer is present in Study Material/ Practice Manual or any ICAI material like RTP that way is completely right whether tabular or in paragraph.

#5 Correct/Incorrect type questions

Oh I know “Because this is that and that is this, Hence proved” Completely wrong way of presenting the answer in exam. Don’t ever use the same question line again in the answer or begin with that. You will score zero marks. Then, how to attempt? See

First write “Correct/Incorrect” Whatever the answer is.

Leave a line

Than “Reason:”

This way you will end up scoring good marks in ITSM.

# 6 Keywords

ICAI expects us to write keywords in CA IPCC ITSM and ISCA exam. Every topic has its own keywords, highlight them in your book, so that they can be remembered for a longer period.

# 7 Point to Point answers

The most important thing is to memorize the headings and formulate an answer around it.

Don’t write long stretched answers in ITSM and ISCA. Nobody is going to read them, rather examiner will cut them and you will lose the marks. Always write point to point answers and those points which are mentioned in your Study Material or PM not in any other Author’s book.


#1 How to revise whole syllabus just before the exam?

We need to allocate the time as per size of the topics. Allocate 8-9 hours to revise Strategic Management first, this will reduce your burden and 50 marks portion will be covered. The next step will be to start memorizing the headings in information technology, just read it again and again. Don’t get stuck on learning a new topic, this will waste a lot of time.

#2 What if i am not able to complete the syllabus?

No need to worry regarding syllabus, try to complete as much as possible by you.  I repeat, the way you present the remaining paper will matter a lot in clearing ITSM/ISCA/EIS exam. Sometimes, the luck is with us and we are able to leave the questions in choice. So, don’t get stressed over size of syllabus. Just give your best.

#3 How practicing mock test in CA IPCC ITSM can help you?

Mock test is just a practice test. Suppose at the time of giving ITSM exam, you committed a silly blunder which should have been avoided. The same can be avoided after appearing in a mock test. And mock test are the best way to improve speed.

#4 How youtube can help you in revision?

Mr Neeraj Arora is one of the famous Strategic Management teacher. He has uploaded various videos regarding revision. They can help you to cram the topics in a less time.

#5 How many times revision is required for the exam?

This depends upon person to person, how much time he or she takes to learn theoretical subjects. But timing of revision is important. The basic idea revision of ITSM/ISCA/EIS should be near to the exams. In case you are appearing for Both Groups, then it should be just before you start preparation for first accounts exam. Otherwise, preparation should be before advance accounts exam. The lesser the interval between the exam and revision, the more it will be helpful for you.

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