TDS Return Filing Online

How we can help you? We will help you to file the following TDS Return forms.

  • Form 24 Q

    Quarterly Return for Tax deducted at Source from "Salaries"

  • Form 26Q

    Quarterly Return of Tax Deducted at source in respect of payments other than "Salaries"

  • Form 27Q

    Quarterly Return of deduction of tax from Interest, dividend or any other sum payable to non residents.

  • Form 27EQ

    Quarterly Statement of tax collection at source.

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TDS Return Filing Online and Due Dates

TDS returns are filed quarterly while TDS Challans are paid on monthly basis. Challan Details, TAN of the deductor, PAN of the deductor, and deductee are required. Once the TDS Returns are filed, TDS credit starts reflecting in the deductee Form 26AS.

We will move step by step and understand How TDS works in India.

What is TDS?

TDS (Tax Deducted At Source) is a type of tax that is deducted by the deductor when the transaction originates. the deductor deducts the tax and remits it to Central Government. The deductee who TDS gets deducted is entitled to get a refund of Tax deducted via Form 26 AS Or Deduction Certificate. Deductee gets refund when he files Income-tax Return.

TDS Requirement arises at the time of making payment or at the time of crediting the account of employee whichever is earlier.  All TDS Rates are fixed like 1%, 2%, 5%, 10%. But if Payment made to Non-Resident or Foreign Company Surcharge and Higher Education Cess Should be considered.

In case the deductee does not furnish PAN, TDS Rate should be higher than 20% or the rate as per the respective section.

What Is Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) ?

Tax Deduction Account Number Or Tax Collection Account number is a 10 digit alphanumeric number issued by the Income-tax department. TAN is to be obtained by all the persons who are required to deduct TDS or collect TCS. The structure of TAN Number has 4 alphabets at the beginning, followed by 5 numerical, and the last one is an alphabet again.

TDS and TCS Returns cannot be filed without obtaining TAN Number. The number is required to get Challans of TCS and TDS Returns.

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Due date of Payment of TDS

If the TDS is deducted,

  • Between April to February of a Financial Year – By 7th of next month.
  • TDS Deducted in the month of March of Previous FY – By 30th April of Next Financial Year.

According to Section 201 (1A) of the Income-tax Act, 1961 Interest at 1.5% per month or part of a month on the amount of TDS from the date would be levied on which tax was deducted till date on which such tax is actually paid. (Late Payment)

While Interest at 1% per month or part of a month on the amount of TDS from the date of tax was deductible till the date of tax actually deducted. (Late Deduction)

Due date of TDS Return

TDS Returns are filed quarterly. The due dates are as follows.

  • April to June (Q1) – 31st July
  • July to September (Q2) – 31st Oct
  • October to December (Q3) – 31st Jan
  • January to March (Q4) – 31st May

According to Section 234E, Late fees of Rs. 200 per day are levied for default in furnishing TDS and TCS Return for every day during which the failure continues. Fees cannot be more than the amount of TDS and TCS.

Sections under which TDS is required to be deducted

TDS is deducted by the deductor when he makes the payments like Salary, Income on Securities, Lotteries, Commission. The rates and rules have been prescribed under Sections in Income Tax Act, 1961. To portray, the major ones are listed below.

  • Section 194- TDS on Dividend
  • Section 194A – TDS on Interest (Other than securities)
  • Section 194 B – TDS on Winning from lotteries
  • Section 194 BB – Winning From Horse Race
  • Section 194C – TDS on Contract
  • Section 194D – TDS on Insurance Commission
  • Section 194DA – TDS on Maturity Proceeds of a Life Insurance Policy
  • Section 194E – TDS on Payment To Non-Resident Sportsperson, Association, and Entertainer
  • Section 194 G – TDS on Commission on sale of Lottery Ticket
  • Section 194H – TDS on Commission and Brokerage
  • Section 194I – TDS on Rent
  • Section 194 IA- TDS on transfer (purchase) of immovable property (other than rural agricultural land)
  • Section 194 IB – TDS on Rent of Immovable Property
  • Section 194 IC – TDS Payment Under Development Agreement
  • Section 194 J – TDS on Professional Services
  • Section 194K – TDS on Income in respect of Units
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