Areas of our GST Consultancy Online

  • GST Registration & GST Returns

  • GST Annual Returns & Reconciliation Statement

  • GST Assessment Cases

  • Input Tax Credit Opinions & Reconciliations

  • Granting pending GST Refunds

  • Designing Internal Controls for ERP Implementations

  • Assistance in making changes to Supply Chain Management

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Why do you need a GST Consultant?

  • Handling Day to Day Operations

    A GST Consultant is required for the entities who face numerous issues in Refunds, Input Tax Credit and Returns. A consultant advises the company to take corrective actions in various issues.

  • GST Assessment Cases

    When a taxpayer receives a notice from GST Department. It requires professional help to resolve and to frame a clarification for the notice. This is where we help a lot of clients all over India. Due to our team qualifications and experience, we have resolved a lot of pending issues.

  • Resolving Disputes

    GST has posed challenges to each and every registered person in India. They all face disputes and notices from vendors regarding GST mismatch. We aid in reconciling the Input Tax credit with GSTR-2A and Ouwtward Supplies with Accounting records.

  • Dynamic Nature of GST

    Since, the advent of GST, their are frequent notifications, circulars and council meeting which has given GST a dynamic nature. A client needs to stay updated with latest chnages to prevent any kind of non compliance and loss.

Have a look at our online GST Consultancy Reviews

Qualified experts and Chartered Accountants handling Assessment cases.
Vishakha Bhatia
Mismatch between GSTR-2A and GST 3B was quite big. They reconciled and helped to identify lost Input tax credit.
Jagram Singh
IGST refund was processed by Mr. Akash. It was stuck on Icegate portal. They are quite punctual.
Natrajan Jayprakash
House Number was not mentioned on utility bills. Still, Mr Akash got GST Registered. Thanks to him , it was rejected thrice already. Will recommend them 100%.
Pushpesh Deolal
I took their help for availability of Input tax credit. They provided an opinion along with the documents. Till then i ask them a lot of queries.
Ravi Bakshi

Our Founder's Testimonial

Akash Arora

"We have been providing consulting services to clients all over India and assisting them in handling day to day operations by resolving the queries at the earliest"

Akash Arora


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  • Designing Internal Controls for ERP Implementations

    An entity should have strong internal control system which allows accurate recording of GST In financial Records. Any omission or error in complying GST in Accounting Controls can cause huge loss to the company.

  • GST Annual Returns & Reconciliation

    Conducting GST Audit of the company and helping in Filling GST Annual Return. Thereafter, filling GST Reconciliation Statement (GSTR-9C).

  • Granting Pending Refunds

    Aid in the management to get blocked refunds to enhance the working capital of the company. Finding out the root causes of blocked refunds.

  • Assistance in Making Changes to Supply Chain Management

    There are specific areas that requires expert advisory like E-Invoicing, E-way Bills and Job work, Export & LUT, Getting IGST Refunds. Designing Logistic Process that incorporates GST has major segment to prevent non compliance and penalties.

  • Liability Calculation & Demands raised

    Calculation of Liability on the basis of Accounting And GST Recording Records Available. Thereafter, challenging GST Department for demands raised on the basis of conclusive evidence.

  • Input Tax Credit Notices & Reconciliations

    Handling GST Input Tax Credit notices for incorrect availment of ITC. Calculating the eligible input as per CGST Act, and making reconciliation with the accounting records. Providing Clarification for the notices issued.

Understanding Goods and Service Tax In Detail

About Goods & Service Tax & How We Assist

Goods and Service Tax was launched in the year July 2017. Since then most of the businesses in India are required to get registered under this act. In daily operations, GST is posing a challenge to many small as well as large enterprises. 

A large number of taxpayers receive show-cause notice for the wrong availment of an Input tax credit, refund issues, incorrect discharge of liability. In these cases, consultation is required. We at Gstmentor are a team of Chartered Accountants & GST Practitioners who advise numerous clients on daily basis.

Gstmentor provides guidance and steps to be undertaken by the clients to be GST compliant. The GST law is different is from previous indirect tax laws. There are different types of penalties and notices which can be levied by the GST Department in case of noncompliance.

Goods and Service Tax has an impact on accounting, logistics, data preparation, and every facet of a business segment. The documents to be maintained, the returns to be filed, refunds to be claimed, levy of tax, the incidence of tax is what is handled by us.

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