7 tips to score an exemption in CA IPCC accounts

7 tips to score an exemption in CA IPCC accounts

7 tips to score an exemption in CA IPCC Accounts

In this article, we have made efforts to gather tricks to score an exemption in CA IPCC Accounts and Advance Accounts. What preparation strategies are used a day before exam? How to allocate time as per size of the topic?

List of all the tricks used by the students are illustrated below.

#1 Develop writing habit

Accounts and Advance Accounts are practical subjects not theoretical subjects like Law, ITSM. Practical subjects cannot be learned. Therefore, written practice must be done. Don’t read the sums, rather practice them in writing and they will instilled in your brain for a longer time.

#2 Concept building

Further, continuing with the first point. Accounts cannot be learned. It can only be understood and concepts can be built. Those built concepts requires revision like a building requires maintenance. Every time you revise the chapters, you will get new insights and try to relate it to practical life.

#3 Coaching & Study Material

You must complete your coaching’s about three months before the exam. Don’t depend only on coaching’s, self study before the exam is necessary.

Students must revise study materials and Practice Manual, Don’t blindly rely on author’s books. They can become the reason of your downfall.

Most of the Accounts and Advance Accounts exam will be composed of questions given in Practice Manual and Study Material.

#4 ABC analysis

Learned about ABC analysis in Costing, now perform it practically in Accounts and Advance Accounts. Divide the sums in ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ category. How it is going to help you? The day before the exam you will not have sufficient time to practice every question in book. So, practice those questions which falls in ‘A’ & ‘B’ category.

#5 Presentation

Always attempt those questions first which you know 100%. It is not necessary to start the exam in order of question paper.

Master trick: After attempting at least 5 questions which you assume are correct. In between insert a question which you were doubtful and again start attempting questions that you know 100%. This trick can fetch you more marks to that doubtful questions.

 Accounts and Advance Accounts are subjective exams, your handwriting matters a lot. Make tables and charts wherever necessary.


#6 Accounting Standards

Normally, Accounting Standards carries from 25 to 30 marks in Accounts exam and 20-25 in Advance accounting exam. You must remember the name of accounting standards and practice all the questions provided in Practice Manual and Study Material.

#7 Speed test

Most of the students are unable to complete the Accounts exam within three hours. So, practice mock test before the exams to test your speed. While practicing Mock test, you will get idea what mistakes you can commit in exam and you will have time to rectify them.

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