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Class 3 DSC with Two Years Validity for Rs. 1299 Only

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Application & Renewal In India

What is a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

A digital signature is an electronic version of a hand signature but it doesn’t mean it is a photograph of the hand signature. It’s a certificate in an electronic form that is used for signing the returns, documents, and other forms. E-forms are signed online using a digital signature. Once signed it provides the consent of the signer for the respective purpose.

The certificate is used by the Certifying Authorities (CA’s) in India like Emudhra, Capricorn, NIC, and a few others. A certifying authority is the one who has been granted a license to issue a digital signature under Information Technology Act,2000.

The purple-colored token like a USB is not a Digital Signature, it’s a storage device for a digital signature certificate. Digital Signature has its own Class and validity period. Now, Class 3 DSC is used in filling the forms and is frequently purchased for 2 years validity period.

“Gstmentor- Your Business Partner” can help you in obtaining a Digital Signature with ease. Submit the form above and we will communicate with you the entire process to obtain DSC in India.

What is the validity of the Digital Signature Certificate?

A DSC validity is determined at the time of making it. Normally, people purchase DSC having two years validity but it can maximum be brought for three years validity. After expiry, a renewal is required for digital signature certificate to make it active.

What are the types of Digital Signature Certificates?

Yes, you read it right there are types of digital signatures that are used for their predefined purposes. The types are based on the uses which are as follows.

Sign: Normally, the Digital Signature Certificates(DSC) are used for signing documents like ROC forms and filing returns in GST and Income Tax. Mostly, this type of DSC is used in India.

Encrypt: As the word itself states, it is used for encryption. It is used mostly on tendering on government websites. It can also be used for encrypting highly confidential documents. When we are applying for the application, there is a separate option for applying for encrypting DSC.

Sign & Encrypt (Combo): When you apply for the DSC application you will find out there is the third option “Combo” that combo one is DSC having a signing and encrypting capability. Its usage is for filling government applications.

What are the classes of Certificates?

Earlier Class 2 DSC was used not according to new guidelines nowadays Class 3 DSC is predominantly used in India. The Class 3 DSC can be used for the following.

  • Income Tax Return filing
  • GST Returns and Application
  • MCA e-filing
  • LLP Registration
  • Customs Registration
  • Trademark E-filing
  • E-Tendering, E-Bidding, and E-Auction
  • TDS Returns Filing
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