Lessons learned during CA Articleship

Lessons learned during CA Articleship

 Lessons learned during CA Articleship

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Hi, I am Akash Arora and the creator of this website. So, in this blog I am going to write about my CA-Articleship journey the lessons I learned during CA-Articleship and will share a lot of memories.

I just appeared for 22 interviews, interacted with a lot of human resource managers. Finally a simple ordinary ambitious man get settled in a CA firm where he thinks he can grow on professional front.

#First lesson at the very first day

On the very first day, I was thrown upon the task to handle a ‘Section 197 ‘Lower deduction of tax‘ case and I was told to prepare the documents. I was flabbergasted that what the hell is this? My first thought was that somebody is going to come and teach me, as I am just a fresher.

Indeed, a bad thought. Nobody came and after putting a lot of efforts and intense Google research. Finally, I completed the work after altering the previous documents.

My first lesson was that nobody is going to come and teach me. If I want to learn, then I have to take initiatives on my own. And Yes I will commit mistakes and it’s absolutely fine to commit mistakes. This attitude really helped me in long run; there were several instances during my articleship where I had to find solutions on my own.

#Second Lesson: Be proud of what you learn on your own

During my first financial internal audit, my seniors used to do all the work related to internal financial controls and statutory compliance. I used to vouch the Purchase transactions and as a result I got bored! I told my seniors that I want to learn, How to write an Audit report? They gave me previous quarter audit report and told me to read that and ask queries if any.

Now, What I did was to search all over the internet, ask my friends how their firms performed audit and prepare their Audit reports. I read all the Big 4’s and other upper medium sized firms audit report of all the departments. My seniors wrote that audit report of that quarter and I just edited the way of presenting the report.

My second lesson was that even at the smallest of thing I learn on my own. I must be proud of that. If you are not proud of what you learn on your own, you will never appreciate yourself and that lowers down self-esteem.

#Third lesson: Becoming friend with a genius guy

There was a guy in my firm with whom there existed a cold war between him and me. He was quite intelligent and a learned person. Everybody just asked doubts or any other clarifications from him only. I was hesitant and in my own attitude, I never initiated a conversation with him in first six months.

Ironically, we both were sent for an audit of an automobile company. I reluctantly starting having conversations with him and during our audit meetings, I came to know more about him. Within no time, he was my one of the coolest friend.

My fourth lesson was everybody has got different skill set, different experiences. You can learn from everyone and their mistakes. Don’t be too blinded by self righteousness and your big ego.

#Fourth lesson: Your outfit matters

Once I had to discuss an audit report with the head accountant of that company. During our discussion, the accountant on looked upon my shoes and they were not polished. That minor incident lowered my self confidence and I was hesitant to interact with him again ever.

My fourth lesson was I need to carry a decent personality and care about my clothes, shoes and hairs. For a Chartered Accountant, a personality matter that doesn’t mean you need to have a chocolaty look like Shah Rukh Khan. But simple and sober decent look is preferable.

#Fifth lesson: Don’t let the client know that you are a CA-Article

It was my second year of articleship and we were auditing one of the most famous Japanese Manufacturer of TV sets. During our interactions with the management of the company, I was asked to tell about my educational qualifications.

I told them I am a CA-article, and the moment she replied that you are a trainee. I said ‘Yes’ and committed a blunder. How blunder you might be thinking?

My fifth and last lesson was to always hide your CA- Article identity and claim that I am either a paid assistant or a qualified Chartered Accountant. Many clients will start underestimating you and take lightly your work, if you tell them that you are just a trainee.

Thank you guys, I shared my lessons learned during CA Articleship and you can share your too by submitting post on Gstmentor.com.

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