List of new features on GST Portal in 2021

New functions on GST portal in the year 2021

Since the beginning of this year, the 2021 GST portal had seen many upgrades mostly regarding auto-population of data to avoid any mismatch in GST return. We have discussed them in detail as per the GST document issued by the portal.

Auto Generation of Form GSTR-2B, for the taxpayers under QRMP scheme

GSTR 2B Quarterly for QRMP

  • Taxpayers can now view and download their system-generated Quarterly Form GSTR-2B, by clicking on the Auto-drafted ITC statement for the quarter by selecting the last month of the quarter (M3). Under the QRMP scheme, the GSTR-2B would be generated for the quarter in the last month only after GSTR-1 of the third month.
  • Form GSTR-2B would contain details of the Invoice Furnishing Facility filed for the first two months and GSTR-1 for the last month. Form GSTR 2B has two sections of ITC i.e. ITC available and ITC not available (which flows from the supplier’s filed IFF & Form GSTR-1, imports, etc.). It also contains the tax liability of the taxpayer (which flows from the taxpayer’s own filed IFF & Form GSTR-1).
  • The default view of Form GSTR-2B is quarterly. However, to view Form GSTR-2B of a particular month (M1, M2 orM3), the taxpayer has an option to select the appropriate month, from the view drop-down to view that month’s data.

Auto-population in Form GSTR-3B of ITC, for taxpayers in QRMP Scheme

  • Now the Input Credit reflected in GSTR-2B and the reversals is directly auto-populated in GSTR 3B for the taxpayers under QRMP scheme and regular scheme.
  • On the GSTR-3B dashboard page, an additional button ‘System computed GSTR-3B’ has also been provided, by clicking which system computed Form GSTR-3B can be downloaded in PDF format.
  • Taxpayers under the QRMP scheme can edit the auto-drafted values as per their records and save the updated details in their Form GSTR-3B.
  • A warning message to taxpayers in case ITC available is increased by more than 5% or ITC to be reversed is reduced even partially, by them. However, the system will not stop the filing of Form GSTR-3B in these cases. But it is advised not to do material changes to the figures.

Auto-population of liability in Form GSTR- 3B, for taxpayers under QRMP Scheme

  • Liability in Table-3 (except 3.1(d)) of Form GSTR-3B, for the taxpayers under QRMP Scheme, will now be auto-populated on the basis of Filed quarterly Form GSTR-1 (of Month 3) and Filed IFF (of Month 1 & 2). The liability of table3.1 (d) is auto-populated from the filer’s Form GSTR 2B.
  • Note: Data saved/ submitted in Form GSTR-1 or in IFF, will not be auto-populated as Liability, the IFF or GSTR-1 should show the status of “Filed” not submitted.

Use of Matching Offline Tool by the taxpayers under QRMP scheme

  • The system-generated Form GSTR-2B JSON file can be used for matching details, as available with them in their purchase register, using the updated Matching Offline Tool.
  • Taxpayers under QRMP Scheme can now navigate to Services > Returns > Returns Dashboard, select the Financial Year and Return Filing Period > SEARCH and click on the Download button on Auto – drafted ITC Statement – GSTR-2B tile to download the system generated Form GSTR-2B JSON file, for opening and matching it in the matching tool.

Generation of Form GSTR-11, based on Form GSTR-1/5

  • UIN holders are required to file details of purchases (inward supplies) in their Form GSTR-11. Now their Form GSTR-11 will be generated on the basis of Form GSTR-1 & Form GSTR-5, filed by their supplier taxpayers. This will facilitate UIN holder’s in filing their refund claim.

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