Solved! 2 Ways to download GST Registration Certificate PDF.

How to download GST Registration Certificate PDF?

After obtaining GST Registration, the first thing that comes to our mind is to download GST Registration Certificate as proof of evidence of obtaining registration. To download the registration certificate, first, we need to create login credentials

We have learned how to create login credentials and then login in GST portal.

To read about the validity of the GST Registration Certificate, its contents, and verification.

In this article, we will learn to download the GST Registration certificate in PDF format.

Steps to download GST Registration Certificate PDF

After logging into the GST Portal,

Step 1: Move to the top right corner of the page, Under your trade name open the “My profile” section and there you will find all your details in GST.

download GST registration certificate

Step 2: The next step is to move to the left corner of the page and there will be the sidebar containing all the quick links to your profile-specific details which will appear like this.

my gst registration certificate

Move to the bottom you will find “My Registration Certificate”  and GST Registration Certificate in the form GST Reg-06 will be downloaded. So, easy to download.

Second way to download GST Registration Certificate PDF

The second way to download the GST Registration certificate PDF is also quite easy. Here you need to move to the Services Tab.

Step 1: The first step is to move to the services tab in the top navigation menu bar and then go to the “View/Download Certificates. Here you will find all the necessary certificates for the future also.

Services tab in gst registration certificate

Step 2: The second and last step is to find form No. GST Reg-06 and click on the download button beside.

GST Registration certificate step 4

The certificate will be downloaded to your computer.

GST Registration Certificate

Form GST Reg-06 will appear like this and it will be having two pages. The Certificate will have all the basic details as filed in GST Reg-06, the officer who granted GST registration and the second page will have details of the proprietor, partners, Karta, and Managing director of the company as applicable.

One should display the certificate at the business premises and also at additional places of business as there are penalties involved for not displaying the GST Registration Certificate and GSTIN.

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