New GST Return Offline Tool

New GST Return Offline Tool

New GST Return Offline tool

The new return offline tool has been updated on GST portal.



How to download offline tool from GST Portal?

Step 1: The first step is to go to the ‘Downloads’ section in GST portal which is on the menu bar on

Step 2: The second step is to go on the ‘Offline Tools’ section and then click on New Returns offline tool beta which is highlighted in red in above picture.

Purpose of New GST Tool

The New return tool can be used to

  1. Prepare ANX-1
  2. Take action in ANX-2
  3. Match ANX-2 with Purchase register

Using New GST tool

To install the tool please download, extract the zip file using WINRAR/WINZIP and run the (GSTNewReturnsOffline_beta_v0.5.exe) file.

Your downloaded (NewReturns_Offline_Tool) zip file contains:

  • GST New Returns Offline_beta_v0.5 (Application)
  • ANX-1 Excel Template
  • ANX-1 section wise CSV files
  • Purchase Register Excel Template
  • Readme
  • User Manual
  • Change History

After extracting the file using WINRAR, its better not to copy or cut the tool from the original folder and paste it anywhere. Sometimes, it causes schema errors or other validation errors when the tool is removed.

Things to be kept in mind before installing the tool

  • Before you extract and run the downloaded file, ensure that the file is not corrupted.
  • Go through the Readme document before you begin installation.
  • Double-click on GSTNewReturnsOffline_beta_v0.5 to install the offline tool.

What’s new in the version released on 04/01/2020?

Minor enhancements have been done in this version.

What are the System requirements to use tool efficiently?

To use the tool efficiently, ensure that you have the following installed on your system:

  • Operating system  Windows 7 or above. The tool does not work on Linux and Mac.
  • Browser: You need one of these browsers installed on your system.
    • Google Chrome 7+
    • Firefox 45+
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 & above
  • Alternatively, for any below version the tool will open in a default browser.
  • Before installation of Offline tool, ensure that you have 200 MB of free disk space in your local machine

Click here to learn about how to use GSTR9/9c offline tool.

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