How to come back after failure in CA exams?

How to come back after failure in CA exams?

How to come back after failure in CA exams?

To all the people out there if you are reading this article than let me tell you one basic thing which is hard to accept these days. It’s your life and it’s your responsibility. No one else is going to come and ease your path in life. The first step you must take after failing in CA exams.

Assess your situation

Most of the students gets blinded by motivational videos and start preparing for their next attempt without assessing their current situation. Yet again, unfortunately they fail in CA exams. How to access your current situation?

  • Perform subject wise analysis of the mistakes committed in you exam. Make a list of those mistakes and start working on them. You can refer to our tips to clear exams like Audit, ITSM, Law, and Accounts.
  • The second step you must undertake is to avoid any kind of study place interruptions. For example: Too much honking and people shouting that interrupts your pace and breaks concentration.
  • The third step should be avoiding social media at any cost. Social media kills a lot of time and is one of the reasons of mood swings. You will push yourself to study but social media like Facebook, Instagram will pull you back.

What If we fail in one subject in CA?

There is one subject in our CA exams that we become victim of it. We are not able to clear either Group 1 or Group 2 because of that exam. For instance: Some students are not able to clear Group 2 in IPCC due to ITSM or Audit and similarly ISCA is obstruction in CA Final exams. What strategy must be adopted to clear that exam? Devote extra time for that subject:  Suppose you prepared time table and for the first 10 days you are going to study only Accounts. Make an alteration in your time table, that after studying accounts you are going to allocate extra 2-3 hours for problematic subject. This strategy is going to infuse much more confidence in you and definitely you will be able to clear the exam.

Does attempt matter in CA?

I am going to divide this answer into two sections. First one would be “Does CA IPCC attempt matter” and Does CA Final attempt matter”.

Does CA IPCC/Inter attempt matter?

The truth is CA IPCC attempts doesn’t matter up to some extent. Your CA IPCC attempts can only pose you a little problem while searching for CA -Articleship. But that is not an issue because most of the CA Firms solely rely upon the confidence and knowledge of CA IPCC/Inter Student. You can get good articleship even in Big 20’s and Big 4’s after number of attempts. Don’t worry about that. When IPCC attempts matter? Now a days, few of the renowned multinational companies have established criteria at ICAI Placements that a student must have cleared CA-IPCC/Inter in one or two attempts.

Does CA Final attempt matter?

Up to three they don’t matter. But after three CA Final attempts most of the renowned multinational companies will not hire you in ICAI campus placements. So, you must try to become Chartered Accountants within three attempts. What if you not able to clear CA final exams within three attempts? Everyone has their own skill sets, strong domains and some students are quite genius practically but are not able to clear exams. Here come all other things into play like networking, your confidence and will power. You will succeed in life definitely and will get placed in good companies. There are people who even after giving 7-8 attempts are earning above 12 LPA. Trust yourself and have confidence.

CA Final failure to success stories

Have you heard about CA Shailee Chaudary? She is inspiration to many. She cleared her CA Final in May 15 and do you know how many marks she scored in ISCA subject- 98 marks and 91 in financial reporting. These numbers should not only motivate you rather instill a feeling in you that one day people are going to read your story. Want to share your story; you can publish your story on by logging in into our website. Be your own story.


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