How to download GST cancellation notice?

In this blog post, we will learn about how to handle GST Reg-17. GST Reg-17 is a  notice issued to the registered person by the officer regarding the cancellation of GST Registration. Before moving upon to what GST Reg-17 looks like. First, understand the reasons for issuing GST Reg-17.

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After reading the reasons above, we get to know about when can GST officer cancel our GST Registration. The first step to cancellation of GST Registration is the issuance of Show Cause Notice in GST Reg-17.

Now moving forward upon GST Reg-17 format.

GST REG-17 PDF Format: Show Cause Notice for Cancellation of Registration

Registration Number (GSTIN/UIN)
Show Cause Notice for Cancellation of Registration
Whereas on the basis of information which has come to my notice, it appears that your registration is
liable to be canceled for the following reasons: –
You are hereby directed to furnish a reply to this notice within seven working days from the date of
service of this notice.
You are hereby directed to appear before the undersigned on DD/MM/YYYY at HH/MM
If you fail to furnish a reply within the stipulated date or fail to appear for a personal hearing on the
appointed date and time, the case will be decided ex parte on the basis of available records and on
< Name of the Officer>

Download GST REG-17 PDF format 

GST officers will write the reasons for issuance of show cause notice which can be, not filing of GST Returns, Place of business doesn’t exist, registration obtained via means of fraudulent documents, or other reasons as read above.

How to reply to GST REG-17?

GST REG-17 is a show-cause notice and every show-cause notice demands a reply to be submitted. In case of failure to respond to the notice, the officer will definitely take further action.

A reasonable opportunity of being heard has been given to the registered person, as to why GST Registration should not be canceled and the GST officer should drop the case.

If the reply is submitted or action is taken by the registered person, that is accepted by the GST officer. The GST Cancellation proceedings would be dropped.

The reasons mentioned in the notice will become the basis of the response.

For example, If returns are not filed by the registered person for a consecutive period of 6 months in case of a normal person and GST officer issued a notice. Then the response can be filing the returns and submitting a written response that returns have been filed along with supporting documents.

Similarly, for each and every reason, a response can be prepared to avoid cancellation.

After the issue of GST REG-17, the status of GST Registration gets “Suspended” not canceled. Suspended GST Registered persons cannot claim refunds and various other services get stopped.

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