Download ICAI Study material for CA Foundation, CA Intermediate and CA Final Exam

Download ICAI study material for CA Foundation, CA Intermediate & CA final exam

In this article, we have illustrated the importance of ICAI study material and comparisons have been made between reference books and study material. Also, we have developed a strategy on how to prepare notes for the CA exams? Many students often become the victim of choosing wrong study material and ultimately scoring less marks in exams.

ICAI Study Material

CA Foundation
Principles and Practice of Accounting Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics  Economics and Business and Commercial knowledge
CA IPCC (Old Course)
Accounting Business laws, ethics and communication Cost Accounting and Financial Management Taxation
Advanced Accounting Auditing and Assurance Information Technology and Strategic Management
CA Intermediate (New Course)
Accounting Corporate and other laws Cost and Management accounting Taxation
Advanced Accounting Auditing and Assurance Enterprise information systems & strategic management Financial management & economics for finance
CA Final (Old Course)
Financial Reporting Strategic Financial Management Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics Corporate and Allied Laws
Advanced Management accounting Information’s systems Control and Audit Direct Tax laws Indirect Tax laws
CA Final (New Course)
Financial Reporting Strategic Financial Management Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics Corporate and Economic Laws
Strategic Cost  Management and Performance Evaluation Risk Management Financial services and Capital markets International taxation
Economic Laws Global Financial Reporting Standards Multidisciplinary Case study Direct tax laws and International taxation
Indirect tax laws



Reference books vs ICAI study material

Reference books are of great help but cannot be used as a substitute of ICAI study material. Why?  Institute of Chartered Accountants of India expects students to write answers in a way that is presented in institute material. The keywords used, the way of presentation must be as per ICAI study material. ICAI has made it clear in “Summary of Examiner Comments” that answers should be as per ICAI study material not as per any other Author’s book.

When reference books can be used along with study material?

Reference books should be used by the students at the time of building concepts and preparation of notes. Students should revise from Institute material and should only read Institute material and notes before the exam.

How to prepare CA exam study notes?

Exam notes are of vital importance as they can help you to easily memorize the keywords which are required to clear CA Exams. Exam notes will also speed up your revision process before the exam and help you score more marks. Now, how to prepare CA exam notes ?


#1You need to understand your learning style

People have different learning styles. For example:  Some people prefer written practice of notes while some re-read before the exam. The notes should be created according to your style.

#2 Notes should be organized

If you haven’t organized your notes at one place than what is the purpose of creating them? Before exam will you be able to gather everything. Instead of it maintain separate notebooks for them.

  • Don’t create mess in your notes, by using same notebook for two different subjects.
  • Keep you notes organized at one shelf.

#3 Underline or Highlight keywords and other important points.

Your notes should be little fancy. Who wants to read just boring text? Rather it will preferable if your text displays some colors like Neon, Orange, and Blue. The colored text will stick into your mind for a longer period.

#4 Make tables/Diagrams in your content

The tables you make in your content should be as per ICAI study material. Don’t commit a mistake of making table in your notes while in reality the answer is presented in a paragraph form in ICAI study material.

If you are amazed by the article, you can further check out tips for all the subjects.

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